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Fun with Your Dog Kit

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Fun With Your Dog is a science kit you and your dog will love. Parent's Choice Silver Medal Winner! Scientific Explorations Magazine says "Test your pet's senses: sight, smell, and taste."

Read your dog's mind.
What's on your dog's mind? Find out with fun experiments as you observe your pet's eyes, tail, and body language. Give your dog a Personality Interview and you'll know your pet better. Test your dog's hearing with an ultrasonic whistle. Does your pet hear sounds that you can't? You'll find out with an ultrasonic whistle and experiments.

See what your dog sees with special lenses.
Do you know what colors your pet sees? Put on Dog Glasses and you'll see for yourself. You might be surprised to discover that the world looks very different through a dog's eyes.

Bake tasty Dog Cookies your dog will love!
Can dogs taste sweets? You'll know the answer when you bake healthy Dog Cookies as a treat. Compare your sense of smell to your dog's remarkably intelligent nose. We bet you can't recognize 20,000 different odors like your dog does.

Learn how your dog salutes. Teach your dog to recycle. Learn how to teach your dog tricks and much, much more. Suitable for ages 6+.

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